About Me

I’m Rachael, a seeker of all things beautiful and bizarre. I’m originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota but I currently live in Altus, Oklahoma with my husband and puppy. A few bits worth mentioning: I’m a coffee addict, collector of tattoos, and lover of all things vintage. I’m a number crunching civil servant, Air Force wife, and a proud owner of what is probably too many red lipsticks (but will most certainly continue to buy more). I try not to take myself too seriously, but I’m also a little neurotic–I try to keep it real.


To be super vague about this blog’s content, I share fancies and theories centering around life exploration. To be only slightly more specific, this includes my sentiments about creating a beautiful and fulfilling existence, road trips and travelling, eating and drinking yummy things, navigating military life as a total newb, being strange and unusual, and generally anything else I feel like word vomiting about.
Welcome to my corner of the internet.